Thursday, March 5, 2015

Recent Reads

So one of my favorite things to do is read. That is when my little ball of energy Ms. Lexi gives me a little break during nap time. Man I remember when I used to be able to finish one book in a day or two, now it takes me a week or two lol. This past year I have not had too much time to sit down and pick up a book but this last month I was finally able to do that and the first book I found in my closet was Summer by the Sea  by Susan Wiggs. 

I know romance novels are not everyone's cup of tea or first choice, but for me the happy endings take my mind off of everything else that is going on around me, which is usually chaotic. So for the fifteen minutes or if I'm lucky hour that I get away I am now going to spend reading and of course here working on my blog. 

Any who, Summer by the Sea by Susan Wiggs was a great read for me. It was funny, romantic, heartwarming, and centered around family and friends. Main characters Rosa Capoletti and Alex Montgomery are from two very different worlds but quickly become childhood friends. Rosa's father is actually the gardener of the wealthy Montgomery family but the fact that their social backgrounds are completely opposite does not become a problem until the summer they finally fall in love. After Rosa gives her heart to Alex completely, he for reasons unknown to Rosa tells her they should not see each other any more and leaves town. Twelve years later Rosa has found herself the owner of one of the most popular restaurants around and content with her life, that is until Alex walks back into the picture. Her life is turned upside down once again and it is now Rosa who must decide if she is willing to lay her heart on the line and trust the man she once fell head over heals for.

Besides the engaging story, Susan Wiggs also decides to add in a few mouthwatering touches of Rosa's Italian culture with some Recipes. Even if you do not fall in love the with the small town feel, lovely characters, or the romantic story line, the Italian inspired recipes are enough to satisfy your appetite .

This Book is available on Amazon in Kindle form, Paperback. and Hardcover.

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