Sunday, March 1, 2015

Fun Facts...

OK so today is the day to learn a little more about each other. When I was writing on my old blog From one Country to Another I used to host a fun facts day. I will post and answer 8 questions about my self. This was always a fun way to meet and learn more about my followers. If you feel like participating and adding a link to your blog your welcome to.

1. Are you a Mommy? If so how many lil ones?

I am a mom to my one year old lil girl. It was not the easiest pregnancy and my poor baby was born with acid reflux, needless to say it was a rough few months trying to find medications that would help her feel better and milk that worked with her digestion. So I am still a little traumatized lol and not planning on having another lil one for a few more years. 

2. If you could change one thing about yourself what would it be?

I wish I was a more patient person. I am learning to be, especially with a new little one running around, but my living situation does not make it easy to raise my little girl the way I want and sometimes my buttons get pushed very easily. I am hoping with age I will calm down a little and learn to let everything go, all the little things that should not matter so much. 

3. In 2010 I made a choice to move to Mexico, away from my family and everything I knew. Would you be able to pick up everything in your life and move to a new country, culture and have to learn a new language.

Let me tell you this was not an easy decision to make. I am very close to my family, I talk to my mom if not every day, every other day. I knew a few words in Spanish from family and what I remembered from school but not enough to have a full conversations. I would consider myself more fluent now. There are some words I still do not know, but I am able to respond to peoples questions and have a conversations with my husbands family. It is still hard not being able to drive down the street to get fast food, go to target or eat out at a nice restaurant, but we have found ways to make up for it.

4. What is your occupation?

When living in Cali I received my license to be a RDA Registered Dental Assistant. Since moving I have not been able to practice my job, but I still retain my license and hope to be able to use it again one day.

5. What is the name of your blog and why did you start it?

We obviously know my blog name is Transitions into Mommy-Hood. This blog I started for myself. It is not easy living away from family and friends and this is a way for me to connect to other mommy's, make new friends, and learn from others how to be a better mom and person in general.

6. List five places you have traveled to.

1.Cancun ( I live in Mexico but sadly this is not the location)
3. Hawaii
4. Utah
5. Nevada

7. Do you Love reading, If so list three of your favorite Authors.

1.Susan Mallery
2.Sheryl Woods
3.Susan Wiggs

8. What is on either your T.V. Radio, or electronic device right now?

 I am actually watching Teen Mom. Don't Judge lol, I like to watch the drama and there is always something to learn for me especially being a new mommy.

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