Thursday, March 12, 2015

Hair Bow Day

So I have mentioned before that I love crafts and to try new things. So I decided that I would try my hand at making hair bows and headbands for little girls. Well I wish I could say that all this work was done in one day, but with my little one running around, whining from teething, and keeping me busy all day everyday these bows were completed over a few weeks. 
The people here in the small town of Jalisco where we live are all about blinging out baby. I have seen some gigantic headbands that are actually bigger than the poor baby's head. I started out making cute little bows, but figured that I better go big and add some sparkle or if when I got the courage to sell them they would not go quickly or even at all. 
So here are a few examples of my work let me know what you think, are they worthy of being sold? 
Any tips or ideas? 


  1. I absolutely love them you did a great job I would definitely buy them

  2. Those bows are so pretty! Love them!

  3. Thank you Theresa and Veronica! Just boosted my confidence a little :)

  4. Thank you Theresa and Veronica! Just boosted my confidence a little :)

  5. Super cute! I was obsessed with making headbands after my daughter was born (unfortunately she wanted nothing to do with anything on her head so she didn't wear many of them). Anyway, I was so obsessed I started an Etsy shop (which I no longer have time for) and sold some on there. I also sold a lot through my mom's group. I say, give it a go!

  6. Thanks Jessica. Yea Lexi is the same way I am lucky to get a bow in her hair sometimes and then I have to distract her so she does not pull it out lol. The shop sounds like fun, but yea I understand about not having the time. I can not imagine owning a whole shop right now, this little girl barely gives me time to blog :)