About Me

Welcome to Transitions into Mommy-Hood. I started this blog as an outlet, something to pass the time and as a way to track and share my adventures as a new mommy. There are moments when you laugh, smile, and think you cant love this little person anymore, then there are times when you are just ready to pull your hair out lol. It has definitely been an adventure so far and I cant wait to find out whats ahead. 

A little bit about me...

My name is Lisa

Mother to Ms. Lexi  

I have been with my handsome husband for eight years now, three of those married.

I was born and raised in California but have found myself living in Jalisco, Mexico for the past 4 years.

I am a bit of a pessimist, this is one thing I would like to change and am working on.

I love to read books, listen to music, hang out with family, bake, and I enjoy crafts.

I hope you decide to stick around. 

Feel free to contact me at memries5@Yahoo.com

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