Saturday, April 11, 2015

So This is Love - Book Review

So This is Love - Barbara Freethy

  I finally made it through the second book in the Callaway series. I was hoping to finish the collection, but as you all know it is not as easy as it used to be now that Ms. Lexi keeps me running around all day. Not to mention I have also been out of the loop for the last few weeks. Me and Ms. Lexi have been visiting the family in Cali and will be back in Mexico shortly and hopefully back into our routine. It has been a little rough being off course and not up to date with my new blog.

So here goes...

Former firefighter Emma Callaway is now doing what she loves and is best at, being a San Fransisco fire investigator. She is smart, fearless, and willing to do what it takes to prove that she earned the position she was given, that it was not just handed to her because of her family. Emma has just been put on a case in her home town, to figure out who has been targeting the firefighting community and her. It will not be easy though, especially since she must work alongside Homicide detective Max Harrison. Max is quiet, likes to work alone, and enjoys pushing Emma's buttons. It is clear that they have tension, but that tension quickly turns into attraction and affection.

Even though Emma has just gotten out of a very ugly relationship and Max has a very negative outlook on love there is just no putting out the sparks between them. Barbara does such a good job with these characters, it is easy to relate to them and their real life problems. I also loved keeping up with the Callaway family and characters Sara and Aiden from book one.

There is such a good mixture of romance, laughter, suspense and mystery in this novel. We get to see the budding relationship between Max and Emma while trying to figure out who the arsonist is, and how they will be stopped. If you decided to check out the Callaway Series you will not be sorry.

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